Legal Consulting/ Expert Witness:

With over 30 years of fire fighting, fire inspection, and plan review experience, as well as an educational background in engineering, Fire and Life Safety Consulting, INC offers a unique perspective and provides an invaluable service to lawyers involved with fire litigation:

  1. analyzing fire scenarios, including the development of event time lines
  2. investigating potential fire and building code violations
  3. discovering the underlying reasons for life and property loss

As an expert witness in the area of smoke alarms, Jay Fleming, CEO and President of FLS Consulting has been Daubert approved. Jay is considered by many to be one of the one of the world's leading experts on smoke alarm safety (specifically ionization versus photoelectric smoke alarm technology(a) Jay has appeared in Newspaper and Television stories all over the country educating the public on this topic.(b)


  1. Although the terms smoke alarm and smoke detector are often used interchangeably they are not exactly the same. Smoke alarms are typically used in residential occupancies. They contain both the detecting mechanism and the alarm/horn. Smoke detectors are typically used in commercial occupancies were the alarm/horn is a separate device usually mounted on the wall.
  2. Most people are not aware that there are 2 main types of smoke alarm technology, i.e. photoelectric and ionization, and that each responds very differently to the type of fires that occur in the home. The differences between photoelectric smoke alarms and ionization smoke alarms can make a difference in one's chances of surviving a fire.

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