e offer expert consulting services and training seminars in the field of fire safety and place of assembly crowd management to a broad a range of professionals: lawyers, architects, and building and fire safety inspectors. You can depend on FLS Consulting for broad experience, innovation and immediate and practical problem solving. We know the law, the risks, and we'll develop the safest, smartest and most economical fire and life safety solutions for you!

FLS Consulting founder, Jay Fleming has been a pioneer in the field of fire and life safety for over twenty five years. His groundbreaking efforts to reform smoke alarm regulations have resulted in changes to state and national codes and have even influenced opinions as far away as Australia. He has presented research to state boards and national fire safety organizations on issues as far ranging as: 1) the safe transport of LNG, 2) safe and responsible regulation of blasting activities, 3) how to determine when it is reasonable to upgrade fire safety during renovations, 4) the safe design and operation of vehicular tunnels and 5) how to choose the proper safety factor during performance based designs. Jay has been sought out by television stations and newspapers all over the United States and Canada due to his expertise in the area of fire safety.

Offers a unique perspective and provides an invaluable service to lawyers involved with fire litigation.
Will present informative courses in all aspects of fire safety.
Code Consulting
Will assist AHJ's or applicants making presentations to AHJ's regarding fire safety issue.

Fire Safety Seminars
Will present informative courses in all aspects of fire safety.
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